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Created by Learner.
Donations via PayPal accepted at: swilcoxon AT

This is the Eternal-Lands Top Player & Ranking site run and maintained by Learner. The information is gathered from the EL game server with Entropy's permission.


There are several premium options that are available with donations to personalize how players are handled here.

Top Privacy $5 or 1 Rosto

Top Privacy replaces your name in the Top listings with -private- adding a little bit of additional privacy and mystery to a character. People checking the charts won't be able to quickly identify who is at that specific rank and the ranks of others are not affected. This option lasts until a name change or your name is removed from the Top DB.

$5 or 1 Rosto

Password Privacy affects the Rank Page by requiring by a password to be supplied in order to see all of your rankings. When you select this feature, you specify the password you want in order to allow access. You can use this option combined with Top Privacy and #set_privacy to keep yourself even more secret. This option lasts until a name change or your name is removed from the Top DB.

Donation Any $ 

Making a Donation allows you to show your support for the continued support & development of these stats pages.

GC Purchase 3kgc-5kgc
per $1

You can buy in game gold Coins from me from my personal storage at a rate of 3kgc to 5kgc per $1. Higher $ amount give you better rates. Common purchases are 100kgc for $30, 200kgc for $50, 450kgc for $100, and 1Mgc for $200

Pet Ant Rental $5/mth 

These creatures are for looks and fun only, think of them as pet substitutes. See Rent-A-Ant for detailed information and features. For $100/yr extra your ant can be a fox instead! A portion of the fox prpceeds goes to Entropy to help support EL.

Bot Services Varies 

Can't program or keep a server connected, but need a bot of some type? There are a variety of bots available or under development. Also useful for tech people that don't want the bother of coding, updating, or running a bot. More information and details are available on the BotInfo Page.

Premium Proxy Service $5/mth 
(up to 5 chars)

The Premium Proxy Service is an approved EL proxy that recognizes the EL protocol and limits access to authorized users. The benefits of using this proxy include avoiding port 2000 issues, taking different network routes to bypass bad connections, and experimental data compression with special setup on the client PC. The experimental data compression won't help people with fast links, but might help people with slow links, such as dialup.

This service is stable with multiple servers available for different paths or reliability if the Net has issues. The website support is not in place yet that would allow users to manage their account. If you need this we cmake it available for a nominal fee.

Servers currently available for routing issues to paying users:

  • lrnr-main (, 8-12ms to game server(UK)
  • lrnr-main2 (, 120-160ms to game server(Canada)
  • This services is not intended for people to try to avoid illegal multi by changing your IP address, this service is specifically designed to allow illegal multi playing to be detected by the mods and handled appropriately. The service fee covers up to 5 players connecting from your household being able to connect, but if you change a players name, the new name counts as another player.

    Use #stats to see your current and avg ping time to the Proxy Server

    Some additional info and discussion is available at EL Premium Proxy thread.

Guild Rankings Pages one time $50 setup or
$50 first year
$20/yr renewal

Guild Ranking Pages rank everyone in your Guild using the same criteria as the Guilds page.

The Premium service adds an Admin password for adding additional text, guild URL, and controlling of the page is public/private access. Additional features may be available on request.

Also in development/being considered (sponsorship can affect priorities):

    Customized Top/Ranking Privacy

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