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Created by Learner.
Donations via PayPal accepted at: swilcoxon AT

There are several types of bot services that are available with donations. The bot services are paid wither monthly or yearly with a discount. Additional fees for having the bot are still required and payable to EL/Entropy.


These bot services are intended for people that can't program, can't keep a server/computer online constantly, or don't want to worry about changes in EL affecting them. The bots run on a server I have located at my ISP. All configuration and pricing is done through an easy to use web interface.

These Services include the bots operations/running, troubleshooting, enhancements needed to continue operations, and additional features made during the rental time. Additional features may be requested, depending on the feature and complexity of the change, an additional fee may apply. Most new features will be avilable to all bot owners of that type of bot unless specifically requested (and additional private feature fees may apply).

StoreBot Services $10/mth+setup 

I'm now offering a StoreBot Service for $10 setup fee and $10/mth or $100/yr & free setup (not including store/trade bot fees paid to EL).

These StoreBots are web configurable and have their current stock & wanted information available online! Their existance still needs to be approved on the bot pages, but this is a way you could get your own StoreBot quickly!

Other features include a separate price list for guild/friends, a flexible advetisement system, Friends/Enemies/Black lists, and user defined alternative item names/synonyms. Current StoreBots and a Demo for the interface is available from StoreBots page.

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Guild Storage Bot Services $5/mth+setup 

I'm testing a Guild Storage Bot Service for $10 setup fee and $5/mth or $50/yr & (not including EL bot fees).

These Guild Storage Bots are web configurable and have their current stock & wanted information available online! They can optionally be set to accept any items instead of limited items & quantities (good for well behaved guilds). These bots can store items using their normal EMU for your guild and it's friends (players and guilds). Their existance and location still needs to be approved, but this is a way you could get your own Guild Storage quickly!

In Final testing! Now available to players! Other features include a Friends List that can also use your bot.

GuardBot Services $10/mth+setup 

The GuardBot Service is available for $100 setup fee and $10/mth or $100/yr (not including guardbot fees paid to EL).

These GuardBots are web configurable and information available online! Their existance still needs to be approved by Entropy, but this is a way you could get your own GuardBot quickly!

Signup is now available with the setup fee, and you can start testing and configuring on the test server if your map is available there. Having a high Perception and Magic level also helps these bots with their mission, keep that in mind when leveling a char to be a GuardBot.

Note: the high setup fee is because of the work needed to configure the paths to your map. Players with current RK or RK2 bots get a discount on the setup fee.

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ChatBot Services TBD 

In development & testing, Chat/Conversation Bot that responds to PM's (and monitors a channel pending Entropy's approval) based on pattern matching and advanced logic.

This feature will be available as an add-on to existing bots or as a stand alone bot. Advanced features include persistent flag/state tracking per player, check for a flag being set or cleared, random chance to skip an action, select from a list of possible responses, automatic line wrapping. Pattern matching & response controlled from a web page. Prioritization of patterns/keywords and responses.

Future option may include adding this feature to Pet Ants to add personality to them.

Other bots/features being considered (sponsorship can affect priorities):

    Chat - triggered by patterns in PM's (can be added to existing Bots, Ants, or a Chat only bot) (IN PROGRESS)
    Quest - Chat bot + status tracking capability (weak quests though) (IN PROGRESS)
    GuardBot patrols - define one or more patrol paths that the guard bot can use
    GuardBot spells - additional spell & item usage to help protect maps
    TradeBot logs - query & filter information in trade logs, including larger timeframes

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