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Created by Learner.
Donations via PayPal accepted at: swilcoxon AT

General News & Updates about Bot Services!
* Newer items are listed first. Some features may require you to restart your bot, others may need you to request activation for your bot. The features requiring a request are marked as such.
* Fixed Friends problem where a trailing space would confuse the Bot.

* Added item icons inventory and buy/sell web pages. A bot restart is required for inventory icons to show up.

* Added guild auto rank setting to automatically set a new players rank after doing #accept. Existing bots needs to request this feature be added.

*Testing a player in the Priv list being able to #accept/#remove self from guild if high enough rank on bot. Feature needs to be manually enabled on guilds interested in allowing this.

* Chat/Quest Bots can apply the same or different matching rules depending on player type. Two additional lists also added for players/guilds to allow fine tuning.

* Chat/Quest Bots can now share status flags to other bots. Which bots can read your bots flags is under your control.

* Started initial testing of Chat Bots. Pattern/keyword matching and multiple responses as well as player based flags to set/test.

* Fixed a Trade Bot problem that required all Buy items to allow public buying. Use a price of zero or -1 for items you only want to buy from Guildies/Friends.

* Added Item Synonyms/Abbreviations as both a public list and a per bot list. Check the Items menu entry and a Restart is required.

* Fixed crashing caused by mules. Bot restart is needed to upgrade.

* GuardBots won't cast MagImm or MagProt if that spell is already active.

* Fixed guardbots not drinking BR's if they also cast a healing spell.

* Added death detection message to guardbots, usually used to send #gm messages. Three different messages (I Died, Friend Died, and Player Died). Set to no to disable.

* Added controls for limitting the the #RANK command. A bot restart is required to activate these settings.

* Added neg perk removal stones and invasion stones.

* Fixed problem that sometimes allowed the bot to accept donations of items that weren't desired.

* TotalWarBots are now live and being fine tuned.

* GuardBots now can use Magic Protection if they don't have enough levels for Magic Immunity.

* Fixed problem with guild information gathers when players changed guilds.

* Moved most bots to a new server.

* Fixed GuardBot bug when confused & the beamed. A Bot was stuck on IP threatening newbs for being on a guild map.

* Fixed a GuardBot bug in TPTR detection & long term memory which could crash the bots in certain situations. All GuardBots were restarted so they would get the fix.

* Improved usage TPTR logic for the guardbots.

* Adjusted heal & mana logic on GuardBots to be used more often when actively fighting

* Added experimental TPTR usage logic to GuardBots. Contact me if your GuardBot has the Magic levels & Essences needed and you want to help test it. You can tune the minimum Distance trigger and the mininum Mana available as well.

* GuardBots handle spotting TPTR properly. This closes method players could use to slip past the bot. All bots were restarted to force the update.

* GuardBots now auto attack anyone on Enemy or blacklist. Prior to this change it was only blacklist and the enemies had time to try to slip past.

* Added adjustable levels for MP/EP triggering heals/potion usage for GuardBots. This will help you adjust when to Restore or drink Spirit Potions based on the stats & skills of your GuardBot.

* Fixed GuardBots to ignore friendly summons. It would follow friendly summons around and try to attack it, but the server didn't permit attacking.

* Added Order field to GuardBots Maps Hints to help control the bot searching multiple positions on the same map.

* Added ranged weapons, just restart your bot if it doesn't recognize them.

* Fixed DONATE command so you should only have to say DONATE once before giving it items.

* Added Max_Disconnects to allow tuning how many retries befor giving up (good for server updates).

* Made guild information persistent. Instead of a very large cache.

* Fixed GuardBot inventory not being updated for the website correctly.

* Updated items for all the newskirts, hoods, etc.

* Fixed problems with >32k emu and can handle up to the EL max of 60k now.

* Added the bot Rraisa to ALL Blacklists! If you want to allow that bot to PM yours for prices you will have to explicitly grant it permission by removing the entry!

* Fixed a GuardBot bug that made the bot follow guild members around on the guild map.

* Fixed a bug in the bots WANTED logic if 0 qty was in stock.

* Fixed guard bot bug for short distance walking (1-2 steps).

* Fixed Alembic not showing up in INV command

* Added timeout feature for pets, if you log off, after a while they will also.

* Fixed WANTED ITEMB> to say properly that they don't want an item when they have reached their Buy Limit.

* Added Nexus & Attribute stones to the Trade bots. A restart may be required before they will recognize them.

* Added 'trade' and 'suicide' commands to Ant Slaves/Pets to try to make it easier to give the rings for tporting.

* Added 3 more special items for the trade bots buy/sell lists.

* Created a Pets status page to show active account status (not if they are online) at Pets

* Added a 'ring' command to ant slaves/pets to ask them to use a tport ring if they have one.

* Bug fix for advertising items not agvailable for sale. If an item was in the sell list, but had a public price of 0, it could sometimes advertise that is was selling that item for n/agc. A bot restart will get the newest version of the code.

* Improved Min Qty on the Sell List. It's been brokenm in the past, it now honors those amounts better and tries to reserve that amount for Guildies and Friends only. For example if Min Qty for an item is 100 and you have 50, it will not advertise that item.

* Blacklistes players can no longer even use INV or WANTED to check prices. No response is made, just ignored. Bot restart required to activate.

* Added Medallion of Life to the bots knowledge for buy/sell. A #Reload should be enough to have them recognized.

* Added an Expires entry to the Globals section of the Admin page so you your when your Bot subscription will expire.

* Initial support for Custom Bots that don't share my standard bot system code.

* Added new hour announce messaging. On the new hour, if this new global setting is anythingother then no, it will issue thatcommand, good for using with #GM. Current bot owners that wish to use this should contact Learner to activate it.

* Added Price Warning on Inventory page for logged in bot admins if the Buy price > Sell price.

* Added new items including Alembic, Vial Mold, etc.

* Added missing items Harvesting Medallion & others.

* Added missing item Cape of The Unbreakable.

* Added new items and fixed items whose invertory image changed (like Moon Medallion). Just restart your bot to get the newest list of items!

* Fixed a single item price quote bug that quoted full price to people on the Priv's list that weren't guildmembers or friends.

* Trade bots ads fixed for not having the proper price all the time if you had multiple items for sale that used the same icon. This bug only happened in rare instances and only affected the advertised price not what they sold for, your next bot restart will activate the updated code.

* STATS low qty bug fixed that prevented showing items below the PM level if the qty on hand was 0.

* #ACCEPT & #REMOVE added to the bots along with guild admin priv to set what Priv level on the bot can do it. The default level is 4 for doing these commands, and the bot must be granted rnough guild rank as well. Please contact me if you are interested in it.

* WANTED itemname & INV itemname now give specific item wanted or inventory information. A restart is required to activate this.

* Extra Mana Potions are now stackable in the bots figuring for number of slots used.

* is being used as the primary location for Bot & Top information now.

* Trade Bot & Storage Bot have summoning stone information for identifying & trading items. This applies to the books needed also.

* Trade Bot & Storage Bot guild data is now cached in a shared pool of data. This means that the bots will now recognize what guild a player belongs to much more often and is not limited to seeing the player.

* Trade & Storage Bot low quantity Priv level is now tunable instead of the default level of 5. Current bot owners that wish to tune this should contact Learner to activate it.

* Trade & Storage Bot Welcome message is now tunable The default of "Greetings, To view the available commands send me a PM with the word "HELP"." can now be changed by setting then 'greeting message' global parameter. Current bot owners that wish to tune this should contact Learner to activate it.

* Guard Bot Service is in development & and initial testing will begin at the end of November. If tests work well, the bot service is expected to become available by christmas time.

* Guild Storage Bot Service development & testing is complete. The service is live now!

* Guild Storage Bot can accept All items or be limited the same way that a trade bot is based on lists, quantity and emu.

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