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Created by Learner.
Donations via PayPal accepted at: swilcoxon AT

Pet Name  Owner 

If you have an Pet/Ant, and it's not in the list above, that means your time has run out and I just haven't removed access yet.

Pets/Ants Slave Services are are available for $5/mth or $50/yr. These bots are for looks and fun only. They won't mule or attack for you, they don't even harvest like normal Ants. Any special sizes or additional features cost extra. More information is available at Rent-A-Ant

For $100/year extra, you can have your Ant look like a fox even!!! Half the money goes to help support EL as well.

*hint* make sure your pet has good perception, or you may have problems with it following you at night in crowded areas.

For more information about Learners Bot Services, see the BotInfo page.

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Get a Pet! Have Fun! Try Learner's Rent-A-Ant service!
Starting at $5/mth or $50/year for you own pet or Ant Slave.
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